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Wayne Simmonds: His take on The Maple Leafs Organization

Published January 27, 2024 at 12:30
In a recent chat with Joshua Clipperton from the Canadian Press, Wayne Simmonds, the former forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs and a Scarborough, Ontario native, took a moment to look back on his time with the team. While expressing his appreciation for the chance to play in his hometown, Simmonds subtly expressed his disappointment with how things played out on the ice.

Wayne Simmonds on his time with the Leafs: "Nice to be able to play at home. From the playing aspect, it wasn't what I hoped ... I'm still grateful to the organization for allowing me to put on the Maple Leaf. That's an iconic jersey. It's something that I'll never forget."

Despite understanding the significance of donning the iconic Maple Leaf jersey, Simmonds openly admitted that the on-ice experience didn't quite meet his expectations. The conversation took a more focused turn when the topic shifted to the current Leafs enforcer, Ryan Reaves. Simmonds, finding it difficult to hide his frustration, hinted that Reaves might be facing challenges akin to his own, citing a tough start to the season and limited opportunities to showcase skills.

Simmonds on Ryan Reaves: "A little bit of a tough time at the beginning of the season, but I don't think he got too many opportunities to actually be able to do what he can do. That's just me knowing how it happened for me. Feel like it's going much of the same for him."

Simmonds' remarks carry a tinge of bitterness, casting a shadow on his overall experience with the Leafs and suggesting that there might be lingering unresolved issues. These reflections highlight the difficulties and letdowns that come with the ever-changing landscape of the NHL.

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Wayne Simmonds: His take on The Maple Leafs Organization

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