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Leaf fans are blaming McAvoy for Auston Matthews' injury

Published May 3, 2024 at 9:07

The Leafs have yet to disclosed exactly why Auston Matthews has missed the last two games although it seems to be going well for them as they have won both games without him in the lineup.

Leafs fans have been pointing out online that it was a hit during game 3 by Charlie McAvoy that put Matthews out of the series which a doctor has doubled down on claiming he believes it is a MCL strain from the hit.

In my opinion, Auston Matthews probably tore something in his right leg on this play.

I watched his shifts after this play in game 3 and in game 4 and he looked noticeably slower and had much less jump. Tons of torque on the front and inside of the right knee, MCL/LCL tear?

Maybe one of the pros can chime in

If this truly was the play that took Matthews out, Leafs fans shouldn't be upset as it was not a dirty play, McAvoy just happened to fall awkwardly with Matthews.

Source: Maple Leafs Daily: Doctor provides his assessment of Auston Matthews' injury
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Leaf fans are blaming McAvoy for Auston Matthews' injury

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