Ex-Leafs Enforcer Seeks Opportunity to Challenge Bruins Forward

Austin Sabourin
June 7, 2023  (2:44)

Renowned for his relentless pestering tactics, Brad Marchand has earned himself the notorious nickname 'The Rat' in the NHL. His uncanny ability to get under the skin of his opponents has made him one of the most disliked players in the league. Surprisingly, even former players are now expressing their eagerness to go head-to-head with Marchand, aiming to settle old scores.

During a recent interview, Gary Roberts, a former enforcer for the Toronto Maple Leafs, humorously entertained the idea of making a comeback solely for the chance to confront Marchand. At 52 years old, Roberts didn't shy away from expressing his intentions towards the current Boston Bruins forward.
When questioned about the possibility of returning to the game, Roberts candidly shared his thoughts on his desired encounter with Marchand while appearing on Leafs Lunch, a popular show broadcasted on TSN 1050. While acknowledging Marchand's skills as a player, Roberts didn't hold back from criticizing the sideshow antics that often accompany his game.
"I'd jump at the opportunity to lace up the skates for a few shifts against Brad Marchand. There's no denying he's become a formidable force in the game, and I respect his abilities on the ice...100 percent. However, I find the extracurricular activities he engages in to be unnecessary," explained Roberts. "I firmly believe there's no room for such behavior in the sport. If one player is allowed to act in such a manner, then it's only fair that someone else should be able to address it. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case."

At 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 215 pounds, Roberts was an imposing figure on the ice, amassing an impressive record of 111 fights during his career, earning a reputation as a formidable combatant. He also accumulated a total of 2560 penalty minutes throughout his tenure. Notably, Roberts concluded his playing days with an impressive 910 points over 1224 games, demonstrating his ability to contribute offensively, much like Marchand.
Marchand's influence on the game goes beyond his skills alone. The fact that his agitating style of play has prompted a joking desire for a comeback from a former tough guy like Roberts speaks volumes about the impact he has on the game. Clearly, Marchand's abilities extend beyond his skill set, as his mere presence on the ice can provoke strong emotions and reactions.
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Ex-Leafs Enforcer Seeks Opportunity to Challenge Bruins Forward

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