Former NHL Goalie Involved In A Big Fight

Published October 20, 2023 at 10:37 PM
It has been a noteworthy week in the world of hockey goaltending. First, in an American Hockey League matchup, Strauss Mann of the Laval Rocket achieved a remarkable milestone by scoring a goal. This unique occurrence transpired when he was the last player to touch the puck just before the opposing team accidentally directed it into their own net during a delayed penalty.

In another notable event during an ICEHL game, which features teams from Austria, Hungary, Italy, and Slovenia, a captivating goalie altercation unfolded. This altercation involved former NHL player Niklas Svedberg.

After a post-whistle commotion between HC Bolzano and Steinbach Black Wings Linz, Niklas Svedberg boldly skated from his own zone to square off against Rasmus Tirronen, a former member of the Carolina Hurricanes organization. Unlike the NHL, where referees typically prevent goalies from engaging in fisticuffs, this time they stepped back, allowing Svedberg and Tirronen to engage in a brief skirmish. While the tussle was short-lived, it injected an intriguing dynamic into the game.

While fighting is progressively waning in the world of hockey, the sight of two goaltenders momentarily discarding their equipment to participate in a physical contest remains a captivating spectacle, often serving as a source of motivation for their respective teams.
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Former NHL Goalie Involved In A Big Fight

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