Bob and Brady Tkachuk
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Bobrovsky has a melt down against Brady Tkachuk

Published February 21, 2024 at 9:12

It wouldn't be a game without a Tkachuk causing someone to lose their temper and while skating after them. Tonight certainly didn't disappoint as Brady chose to bump into Florida goalie Sergei Bobrovsky which caused the Russian tender to go ballistic.

Bob's temper boiled over as Tkachuk was continuing to antagonize and bother Bob in his crease. He was trying to get to Tkachuk and landed a few punches. No one was hurt on the play. This is a classic move by Brady as his physical style of play and constant harassing drives his opponents nuts.

There wasn't a call on the play and the Panthers continue their rise to the top as they won the game 3-2 in overtime.

This now puts the Panthers back in sole possession of the Atlantic division as they battle with the Bruins.

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Bobrovsky has a melt down against Brady Tkachuk

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