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A retired NHL superstar aims a shot towards Connor Bedard

Published December 25, 2023 at 12:33
Following the display of two remarkable lacrosse-style goals in the National Hockey League, executed by rising stars Trevor Zegras from the Anaheim Ducks and Connor Bedard from the Chicago Blackhawks, P.K. Subban, a retired NHL defenseman, has offered his thoughts on these astonishing plays.

Subban, recognizing the incredible talents showcased by Zegras and Bedard, proceeded to characterize their maneuvers as "utterly astonishing," highlighting the favorable aspect of his admiration. However, the former defenseman didn't shy away from expressing the other side of the story.

"In that moment, Trevor Zegras and Connor Bedard expose not only the goaltender but all 5 players on the ice, embarrassing them in front of 20,000 and millions of people watching from coast to coast. I think it's absolutely awesome," Subban said.

Although Subban expressed predominantly positive feelings, he openly disclosed a more competitive nature by indicating that he would retaliate and challenge Bedard if Bedard were to attempt a similar move while Subban was on the ice.

"Is this great for the game? Well, I don't know," pondered Subban. "I'm telling you something, if I was playing, I'd probably take a swing at 'em."

Subban's contrasting response to these remarkable goals highlights the intricate interplay between appreciating skill and the competitive drive that propels top-tier athletes. Delivered in a reflective tone, his remarks might discreetly signal a warning to the budding NHL talents, underlining the possible reactions from opponents facing such impressive plays. As the conversation progresses, Subban's viewpoint enriches the storyline, prompting readers to contemplate not only the breathtaking essence of these goals but also the possible aftermaths in the intensely competitive realm of pro hockey.

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A retired NHL superstar aims a shot towards Connor Bedard

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