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Former Boston Bruins Player May Join an Unexpected Team

Published January 7, 2024 at 7:49 PM
During a tumultuous season for the Chicago Blackhawks, a significant portion of their high-salary players have been sidelined with injuries. This has resulted in a provisional roster for their upcoming game against the Calgary Flames on Sunday. The scenario presents a formidable challenge for a team in the midst of rebuilding and facing a scarcity of depth, with few apparent solutions.

In light of the Blackhawks' difficult situation, NHL expert Mark Lazerus has put forward an unconventional approach for the team. Instead of pursuing typical solutions, Lazerus recommends reviving a sense of nostalgia within the squad by contemplating the addition of free agents Phil Kessel and Jaromir Jagr, along with ex-captain Jonathan Toews.

OK, hear me out. Kyle Davidson's next three calls should be to:
1. Phil Kessel
2. Jonathan Toews.
3. Jaromir Jagr

Sell them tickets, baby.

To be clear, Lazerus isn't suggesting an immediate pursuit of these players, but rather he envisions them as potential targets for the Blackhawks as they look to rebound from their spate of injuries.

Phil Kessel stands out as a likely option, given his keen interest in getting back into the game this season. The experienced forward, who is currently a free agent, has indicated a readiness to put team requirements ahead of his consecutive games played streak if needed.

Conversely, Jonathan Toews seems to be the most far-fetched possibility. His retirement due to health concerns appears to be a definitive end to his playing career, particularly under the prevailing conditions.

The most unpredictable factor here is Jaromir Jagr. Despite being out of the NHL since the 2017-18 season, Jagr is still active in the Czech professional league with the Kladno Knights. Although the notion of a 51-year-old returning to the NHL might seem far-fetched, Jagr's history of surpassing expectations lends an element of fascination to this unusual suggestion.

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Former Boston Bruins Player May Join an Unexpected Team

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