Marc-Andre Fleury
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Marc-André Fleury Reaches a Monumental Milestone

Published January 15, 2024 at 10:40 PM
Marc-André Fleury, a remarkable goalie, often appears to have drawn the short straw in his career. He was replaced in Pittsburgh by the younger Matt Murray, unexpectedly let go after an outstanding season in Vegas, and faced a barrage of shots playing in front of a weak Chicago defense. Fleury's exceptional goaltending skills contrast sharply with the seeming lack of appreciation from the teams he has served.

In spite of being frequently undervalued by the teams he has played for, Fleury has maintained a highly successful career. His achievements include three Stanley Cups, a Vezina Trophy, and a William Jennings Trophy, filling his trophy cabinet impressively. Moreover, he is now focused on surpassing a new record, further cementing his legacy in the sport.

Securing a shutout against the Islanders tonight, Fleury has ascended to second place in the all-time goalie wins ranking. This achievement is particularly impressive given his history of playing for various teams. Chasing the top spot, currently held by Martin Brodeur who leads with a substantial margin of 140 wins, seems a daunting task. Considering Fleury's age at 39, it's improbable he'll claim the first position. However, achieving second place in wins is a remarkable accomplishment for an already extensively honored goaltender.

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Marc-André Fleury Reaches a Monumental Milestone

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