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The rival of the Bruins is set to face an NHL investigation due to recent comments

Published January 22, 2024 at 9:21 PM
The Toronto Maple Leafs are facing an inquiry over potential breaches of the Salary Cap, instigated by recent statements made by player Ryan Reaves.

According to information from Russian Machine Never Breaks, Reaves has alleged that he was fit to play for a considerable time, even though he was kept on the Injured Reserve list. This situation has brought up moral concerns regarding how the Leafs manage their team roster.

The accompanying link leads to a declaration from Reaves, affirming his fitness during his time on the injury roster. Should these claims be verified, it might lead to an investigation by the NHL into the Maple Leafs for possibly evading the salary cap, a challenging offense to establish.

"I've been ready for a couple of weeks now," says Reaves careful not to theorize why he can't get in the lineup. "I am not in those rooms, in those conversations. I'm not going to speculate anything, just stay ready if I get called upon if I do. If I don't, I get my work in."

Chris Johnston offers his opinion on the matter, suggesting it could turn ugly.

"This is not the situation you want with a player you gave a three-year contract in the summer. He was professional... I don't know how this gets resolved."

Nonetheless, this disclosure raises questions about the stability of Reaves' knee, adding further complications for the Maple Leafs.
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The rival of the Bruins is set to face an NHL investigation due to recent comments

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