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Trevor Zegras Offers a Special Hockey Stick to a Young Girl Fighting for Her Life

Published December 26, 2023 at 5:36 PM
Trevor Zegras, from the Anaheim Ducks, appears to have unsettled certain individuals during his brief NHL tenure. Nevertheless, he has consistently displayed exceptional character off the ice, once again proving his class through another remarkable act. Zegras recently showcased his remarkable skill on the ice just before Christmas by executing a stunning "Michigan" move against the Seattle Kraken.

Quincy Rohrbach, battling stage four cancer, shared on her Instagram story that the morning after, Zegras sent her a text saying he scored that goal in honor of her.

Furthermore, he extended an invitation to Rohrbach for the upcoming Ducks' practice and presented her with the stick he used to score the Michigan goal.

"I met Quincy Rohrbach through the Morgan Adams Foundation. She's a beautiful young lady with stage 4 cancer. Her favorite hockey player is Trevor Zegras. So, for Christmas week, Trevor invited Quincy to a practice where she was showered with gifts. And then Trevor did this"

Rephrase using different words: Hockey players usually like to collect mementos from big moments in their career to display in their homes or elsewhere. Seeing Zegras gift it to a a person going through a major life battle is certainly special.

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Trevor Zegras Offers a Special Hockey Stick to a Young Girl Fighting for Her Life

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