BREAKING: Famous Podcaster Criticizes the Bruins, Branding Them as 'Losers'"

Austin Sabourin
June 8, 2023  (5:28)

Following their commanding 7-2 victory over the Florida Panthers, Bruce Cassidy and the Vegas Golden Knights find themselves in a commanding position, leading the Stanley Cup Final series 2-0 and just two wins away from ultimate victory.

Meanwhile, Cassidy's previous team, the Boston Bruins, has remained on the sidelines for over a month, their postseason hopes dashed after squandering a 3-1 series lead against the Panthers in the opening round.
Undoubtedly, the Bruins must be feeling the sting as their former coach, let go exactly a year ago on Tuesday, enjoys a stellar debut season with a new franchise, on the brink of claiming the coveted Cup.
Adam Jones from WEEI voices his belief that this turn of events will be particularly tough for the Bruins players, with rumors swirling that they had grown weary of Cassidy's coaching style, prompting General Manager Don Sweeney to seek a fresh perspective for the team.
During a recent episode of the Jones & Mego show, Jones raises a poignant question: Have we fully considered how players like Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci, and Jake DeBrusk, among others, should feel if Bruce Cassidy hoists the Cup? In his view, they would undoubtedly feel like significant losers, unable to thrive under Cassidy's leadership while he stands on the precipice of Stanley Cup glory.
Meghan Ottolini adds that the Bruins players should indeed feel a sense of embarrassment, particularly given their early elimination by the Panthers, who now face an imminent defeat at the hands of Cassidy's Golden Knights in the final.
However, Mego presents a counterpoint, remaining unconvinced that the Bruins would have fared any better in this year's playoffs had Cassidy remained at the helm. She argues that Cassidy's six-year tenure brought forth considerable changes, making it challenging to envision significantly greater progress under his guidance, especially in light of reported locker room turmoil last season.
"If the Bruins had made it to the playoffs with Bruce Cassidy as the head coach, I don't believe the outcome would be much different. In fact, some of those players might not have even wanted to be there. How would Krejci have felt? He likely would have preferred enjoying the sun in Europe. And what about Jake DeBrusk? He probably wouldn't have cared since he would be playing for another team.»

While it's important to acknowledge Cassidy's exceptional coaching prowess, evidenced by the significant impact he has made with the Golden Knights, it is not uncommon for even exceptional coaches to reach the end of their tenure in a specific role, necessitating change. Cassidy himself replaced two other accomplished coaches, Claude Julien in Boston and Pete DeBoer in Vegas. Presently, there are only three NHL coaches who have surpassed the five-year mark with their respective teams.
With that said, there's no denying that Cassidy hoisting the Cup while the Bruins falter in the first round would be a bitter pill for many associated with the Bruins organization to swallow.
"They should feel a deep sense of shame," asserts Jones. "They should recognize that they have become significant losers. They were the ones who pushed Cassidy out, and now he is just two wins away from a Cup victory. This is an accomplishment that DeBrusk hasn't achieved. To their credit, Bergeron and Krejci have at least tasted that success. However, DeBrusk, Carlo, Marchand, and Pastrnak—who were against Cassidy—they have not won anything. Pastrnak, in particular, has no experience of winning a Cup. Now, Cassidy stands poised to accomplish it before them simply because he was supposedly too tough?"

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BREAKING: Famous Podcaster Criticizes the Bruins, Branding Them as 'Losers'"

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