Bruce Cassidy Opens Up About the Bruins' Playoff Elimination

Austin Sabourin
June 7, 2023  (11:21 PM)

Bruins' Early Exit Leaves Cassidy Reflective and Relieved

The Boston Bruins' stunning elimination in the first round at the hands of the Florida Panthers left fans and players alike disappointed. But amidst the disappointment, let's take a moment to consider Vegas Golden Knights head coach Bruce Cassidy. If fate had unfolded differently, Cassidy would have faced his former team, the Bruins, in the Stanley Cup final.
However, those dreams were crushed as the Panthers pulled off a remarkable upset, defeating the league-leading Bruins in a grueling seven-game series. Subsequently, the Panthers advanced to the championship final against Cassidy's Knights. In an interview with Jesse Granger of The Athletic, Cassidy opened up about his emotions following his former team's playoff exit.
Cassidy's primary concern was shielding his children, Cole and Shannon, from potential criticism they might have faced had the Bruins advanced. While he didn't express outright happiness at their elimination, he admitted to feeling a sense of relief.
"I can handle it," Cassidy assured Granger, acknowledging his resilience. "But what worried me more was our ties to Cape Cod, where we have a treasured summer home. After spending 15 years with the Bruins and raising our children there, I felt a weight lifted knowing they wouldn't have to endure comments like, 'Your dad should have done better.' Kids can be harsh."

Undoubtedly, Cassidy's top priority is the happiness of his children. He emphasized, "Every day, my kids' emotions are intertwined with mine. Their joy is my joy, and their sorrow is my sorrow. From that perspective, I can't deny feeling relieved—for their sake."
Now, with his focus solely on clinching the prestigious Stanley Cup, Cassidy forges ahead. As the championship series against the Panthers heads to Florida with the Golden Knights holding a commanding 2-0 lead, Cassidy's children closely follow his journey, reveling in the excitement.
"They understand the pressures that come with this pursuit and the potential disappointment if things don't go our way," Cassidy revealed. "Having witnessed seasons end without lifting the Cup, they've experienced their father's heartache. Nevertheless, they remain unwavering supporters of their dad and the Golden Knights, standing as the team's most fervent fans. They're ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead."

Undeniably, with the Bruins now out of the picture, Cassidy and his children can focus on the future with newfound optimism and determination.
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Bruce Cassidy Opens Up About the Bruins' Playoff Elimination

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