Injury news revealed regarding a bruins defenseman

Published May 19, 2023 at 9:08

In the wake of the Bruins' disappointing exit from the postseason, defenseman Hampus Lindholm addressed concerns about the impact of a foot injury on his performance. Lindholm swiftly dismissed such speculations during the team's somber locker cleanout on May 2, following their first-round series loss to the Panthers. With a determined tone, he stated, "I'd say I was fine. Everyone goes through bumps and bruises at this time of the year."

However, Lindholm shocked everyone with a subsequent revelation, divulging that he had been playing through the pain of a broken foot during the final stretch of the season. In a May 9 interview with Aftonbladet, Lindholm shared the news via text message to the Swedish outlet, stating, "I just found out this morning that I've been dealing with a fracture in my foot for the past month."

Unfortunately, the injury prevented Lindholm from representing Sweden in the World Championships held in Tampere, Finland, and Riga, Latvia. Among the Bruins, only defenseman Jakub Zboril had the opportunity to participate in the tournament, proudly representing Czechia.

Lindholm's exceptional performance throughout the season firmly established him as one of the Bruins' premier defensemen. Finishing 16th among all NHL defensemen in points, he accumulated an impressive 53 points (10 goals, 43 assists). Moreover, he topped the league in plus-minus, boasting a remarkable plus-49 rating, while averaging an impressive 23 minutes and 11 seconds of ice time per game.

However, Lindholm's playoff performance was a far cry from his regular-season dominance, as he struggled to make a significant impact. Failing to register a single point in the seven games played, Lindholm's tentative play resulted in a number of costly mistakes, including a puck-over-glass penalty committed while he was inexplicably left unmarked during Game 6.

Nevertheless, Bruins coach Jim Montgomery remained optimistic about Lindholm's ability to regain his form throughout the series. Prior to Game 6, Montgomery voiced his unwavering confidence, expressing, "Lindholm's offensive contributions have always stemmed from his exceptional defensive skills and ability to move the puck. If we look at the goals he scored and the fantastic passes he made throughout the year, they came from that foundation. Our primary focus is for him to continue excelling in shutting down opponents, which he has done remarkably well. We firmly believe that the offensive spark will reignite. Great players always find a way; it's just a matter of time. We mustn't forget that we are looking at a small sample size right now."

The injury is believed to have originated from a shot block incident against the Red Wings on March 11. The following day, Lindholm was spotted wearing a walking boot on his left leg, and he subsequently sat out the rematch in Detroit. As late March and early April unfolded, Lindholm was frequently seen with an ice bag on his foot following games. The team decided to rest him on March 26 against Carolina, with Coach Montgomery referring to the injury as a "nagging" issue requiring some much-needed recovery time.

Reflecting on his condition during the playoffs after the Bruins' untimely elimination, Lindholm emphasized his refusal to make excuses, stating, "There's no room for excuses. Even if you have something nagging, we've seen players push through injuries in the past. It's simply the nature of this time of year. You do whatever it takes. Unfortunately, we couldn't find that extra gear this year."

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Injury news revealed regarding a bruins defenseman

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