Boston Bruins Boast 5 Defensemen in the Top 10 All-Time Rankings

Published September 2, 2023 at 5:01
In the storied history of the Boston Bruins, a legacy of robust defense has been a defining characteristic. The team has proudly contributed five former players to the prestigious list of the NHL's top ten defensemen of all time, with each of them being contenders for or already inducted into the Hall of Fame.

At the tenth position, the towering figure of Zdeno Chara finds his place. Spanning his time as a Boston Bruin, Washington Capital, and Islander, Chara's illustrious career encompassed 1,680 games. He amassed an impressive 209 goals and 471 assists, culminating in a total of 680 points. His presence as one of the best defensemen in NHL and Bruins history is solidified by his tenth-place ranking.

Doug Harvey and Paul Coffey, distinguished names in NHL lore, follow closely on the list. Sliding into the seventh spot is former Bruin Brad Park, who donned the Boston colors from 1975 to 1983. His career, spanning 18 years, comprised 1,113 games played, with 213 goals, 683 assists, and a remarkable total of 896 points.

Eddie Shore, the first Boston Bruin to make the top five, is shadowed by Denis Potvin in sixth place. Shore's legacy hails from the 1920s, embodying the essence of a defensive defenseman. While his main focus was on protecting his team, he still contributed 105 goals, 179 assists, and 284 points in 552 games played.

Larry Robinson and Nicklas Lidstrom occupy the third and fourth slots, paving the way for the two revered Bruin Hall of Famers who conclude this prestigious list. The iconic names of Bobby Orr and Ray Bourque, both synonymous with excellence, claim their rightful positions in the top 10.

Ray Bourque, a cornerstone two-way defenseman, led the Boston Bruins as their captain. His tenure spanned from 1979 to 1999 with a brief stint in Colorado from 1999 to 2001. Across 1,612 games, he amassed an impressive 410 goals and 1,169 assists, totaling 1,579 points. Bourque's leadership and playmaking skills were instrumental to his team's success.

Bobby Orr, a name etched in hockey history, stands as a testament to extraordinary skill and impact. With six consecutive 100-point seasons from 1970 to 1976, Orr's prowess was unrivaled. His iconic stance, captured in a legendary photograph, is immortalized in a statue outside TD Garden. During the pinnacle 1970–71 season, Orr recorded 37 goals, 102 assists, and 139 points in 78 games played, marking his ascent to greatness. His remarkable 915 points in 657 games firmly cement his legacy as one of the most celebrated two-way defensemen in history.

The enduring impact of these exceptional defensemen resonates within the city of Boston and the hockey community at large, a legacy that continues to shine brightly.
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Boston Bruins Boast 5 Defensemen in the Top 10 All-Time Rankings

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