Reassessing Bruins' Cup Chances: Better Than Expected

Published September 2, 2023 at 4:54
The NHL recently unveiled their "Super 16" rankings, showcasing the top sixteen teams ahead of the regular season. These rankings provide a glimpse into the teams with the most promising odds of hoisting the Stanley Cup this season.

The Boston Bruins had an impressive run in the NHL last season, achieving remarkable records for both wins (65) and points (135). However, they faced significant departures, including Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci, and other key players. As a result, the NHL rankings place them at 10th among the "Super 16" teams. NHL staff writer Amalie Benjamin shared her perspective, stating:

"It's hard to know where exactly to slot the Bruins this season. On one hand, they set NHL all-time records last season for wins (65) and points (135). On the other, they lost their top two centers to retirement in future Hall of Famer Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci, subtracting a combined 35 years of experience, stellar 200-foot play and leadership. They'll need help at center during the season if they're going to seriously contend once the playoffs start. But I still believe this is a playoff team, even with the significant losses, with a more-than-solid defensive core and a goalie tandem that allowed the fewest goals in the NHL last season in Jeremy Swayman and reigning Vezina Trophy-winner Linus Ullmark."

As it stands, the NHL projects the Bruins to finish with 80 points below teams such as the Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers, and New Jersey Devils.

Various NHL staff members contributed their rankings for the "Super 16," each presenting unique perspectives. Here's how their rankings shaped up:


Vegas Golden Knights; 2. Colorado Avalanche; 3. New Jersey Devils; 4. Edmonton Oilers; 5. Toronto Maple Leafs; 6. Carolina Hurricanes; 7. Dallas Stars; 8. New York Rangers; 9. Los Angeles Kings; 10. Tampa Bay Lightning; 11. Seattle Kraken; 12. Pittsburgh Penguins; 13. Boston Bruins; 14. Minnesota Wild; 15. Buffalo Sabres; 16. Florida Panthers


Vegas Golden Knights; 2. Dallas Stars; 3. Carolina Hurricanes; 4. Toronto Maple Leafs; 5. Edmonton Oilers; 6. Colorado Avalanche; 7. Pittsburgh Penguins; 8. New Jersey Devils; 9. New York Rangers; 10. Los Angeles Kings; 11. Seattle Kraken; 12. Tampa Bay Lightning; 13. Calgary Flames; 14. Buffalo Sabres; 15. Boston Bruins; 16. Florida Panthers


Vegas Golden Knights; 2. Carolina Hurricanes; 3. New Jersey Devils; 4. Colorado Avalanche; 5. Dallas Stars; 6. Edmonton Oilers; 7. Toronto Maple Leafs; 8. Florida Panthers; 9. Boston Bruins; 10. New York Rangers; 11. Los Angeles Kings; 12. Seattle Kraken; 13. Minnesota Wild; 14. Tampa Bay Lightning; 15. Ottawa Senators; 16. Pittsburgh Penguins


Dallas Stars; 2. Vegas Golden Knights; 3. Colorado Avalanche; 4. New Jersey Devils; 5. Carolina Hurricanes; 6. Toronto Maple Leafs; 7. Edmonton Oilers; 8. Florida Panthers; 9. New York Rangers; 10. Minnesota Wild; 11. Tampa Bay Lightning; 12. Buffalo Sabres; 13. New York Islanders; 14. Los Angeles Kings; 15. Boston Bruins; 16. Seattle Kraken


Vegas Golden Knights; 2. Colorado Avalanche; 3. Carolina Hurricanes; 4. Dallas Stars; 5. Florida Panthers; 6. Edmonton Oilers; 7. New Jersey Devils; 8. Tampa Bay Lightning; 9. Boston Bruins; 10. Los Angeles Kings; 11. Toronto Maple Leafs; 12. New York Rangers; 13. Seattle Kraken; 14. Buffalo Sabres; 15. Minnesota Wild; 16. Calgary Flames
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Reassessing Bruins' Cup Chances: Better Than Expected

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