Brad Marchand's Shocking Take on Bruins' Prospect

Published September 29, 2023 at 2:37 PM
Brad Marchand, the standout forward of the Boston Bruins, recently opened up about his thoughts on the team's top defensive prospect, Mason Lohrei, expressing a genuine sense of optimism about the young player's potential.

Having shared the ice with Lohrei during the summer, Marchand didn't hold back in commending the budding talent. He observed,

"I found his abilities truly impressive... his skating is excellent; he's a sizable presence, composed with the puck, and exudes confidence. He's not hesitant to experiment with different approaches."

However, Marchand also underscored the significance of observing Lohrei in an NHL environment, where he'll be pitted against NHL-caliber competitors. Marchand articulated,

"I'm eager to witness more of his performance in an NHL context, where he'll contend with established NHL players. Evaluating his puck-handling skills and ability to navigate breakout situations under the pressure and forechecks of relentless opponents will be a telling test. It's intriguing to see how he'll handle it, although I've already been favorably impressed during our shared ice time."

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Brad Marchand's Shocking Take on Bruins' Prospect

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