Brad Marchand Speaks on Becoming the Next Bruins Captain

Published September 6, 2023 at 1:15 PM
The retirement of the longstanding center and three-season captain, Patrice Bergeron, in July, has cast a spotlight on potential successors. The leading contenders are Brad Marchand, a longtime linemate of Patrice Bergeron, and defenseman Charlie McAvoy.

The Bruins, now in the absence of a captain, recently conducted their first 'Captain's practice, marking a significant shift from the era when both Bergeron and David Krejci held prominent roles on the roster. Following a well-attended practice at Warrior Arena, Brad Marchand, a seasoned winger with 15 NHL seasons under his belt, was queried about the possibility of assuming the captaincy.

Marchand's response underscored the collective ethos that has long defined Bruins leadership:

It's not something that I really think about too much. You know, obviously, it's a big honor to be in the leadership group in this organization... You know we have always done it collectively as a group, so regardless of who wears it, it's a collective thing. Even guys without letters step up.

He stressed that leadership is a shared responsibility, and players such as Charlie McAvoy, David Pastrnak, Brandon Carlo, and Hampus Lindholm will all have their moments guiding the team throughout the season:

The torch gets passed down. When it's time to kind of lead the way, you got to do it. Same thing is going to go for Chucky [McAvoy], Pasta [Pastrnak], Brando [Carlo], and Lindy [Lindholm] at different times as well. So, we'll all do it at different points throughout the year, and when it's your turn, you got to step up.

While the Bruins still boast a robust leadership core, Marchand acknowledged the irreplaceable nature of players like Bergeron:

His presence around the room, the gym, and on the ice. You can't replace that. You know it will be a lot different this year. You say that as we go on it might get a little more comfortable, it might be more difficult. Those big moments where he normally steps up and controls things. It will be a little bit different, but something that we will all work through together.

The Bruins are set for a season marked by transitions, both in leadership and on the ice. However, the team is well-prepared to navigate these changes collectively.

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Brad Marchand Speaks on Becoming the Next Bruins Captain

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