Bruins Playing Against Referees AGAIN

Published January 25, 2024 at 10:06 PM
For many years now, the NHL has maintained the most outdated refereeing system among all professional sports leagues.

It stands as the sole league to have two distinct rule books: one for the regular season and a different one for the postseason, metaphorically speaking.

In reality, there's just one set of rules, but the way they are applied changes with the season. This is not a recent development; it's a point that has been made repeatedly over the years.

A word comes to mind when I think of Bettman's league and its officiating: inconsistency.

The Bruins were called for 9(!) penalties against the Senators tonight to only 4 called on the Senators. They were able to overcome the unbalanced officiating for the win in overtime, but this is starting to become too much of a habit, that at some point will cost the bruins an important game.

Tonight, they were lucky to be playing Ottawa, but if this happens against teams like the Lightning or Panthers it could seriously do some damage to the Bruins. Bruins fans want an explanation for the biased against the Bruins when it comes to these calls!
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Bruins Playing Against Referees AGAIN

Are the Bruins be treated unfairly when it comes to Penalties?

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