Bruins Prospect Shocks Fan With Nice Goal

Published October 3, 2023 at 10:42 PM
In the closing preseason match, on consecutive nights, 19-year-old Matthew Poitras delivered a standout goal that has fans buzzing with optimism, thinking, "
Poitras is the top-six center we've been asking for."

Initially considered a long shot due to his age and AHL ineligibility, Poitras has steadily made a strong case for himself during the preseason.

Among Boston's forwards, the 19-year-old center has stood out as one of the most impactful players on the ice. His ability to perform in clutch moments, as seen in the final preseason game, has fans excited about his potential.

As Conor Ryan aptly stated, "
Matthew Poitras does it again. I don't think he's starting the year in the OHL."

This sentiment underscores the growing belief that Poitras may have secured a spot on the Bruins' NHL roster, defying expectations and making a compelling case for a permanent role in the big leagues.
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Bruins Prospect Shocks Fan With Nice Goal

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