Bruins Rival Scores First Goalie Goal Of The Year

Published October 18, 2023 at 11:25 PM
The Laval Rockets had a challenging start in their recent American Hockey League game. However, a remarkable and unexpected incident unfolded as the first period concluded.

With the Rochester Americans leading 3-0 in the closing moments of the first period, they made an unconventional move by pulling their goalie during a delayed penalty. In an odd twist of fate, Filip Cederqvist unintentionally found the back of his own net on a centering pass. Since Rocket goaltender Strauss Mann was the last player to touch the puck, he was awarded the goal.

This unusual turn of events allowed Mann a distinctive opportunity to celebrate with his teammates. It was a moment that certainly left a lasting impression.

We can only hope that such occurrences, particularly in the NHL, remain exceedingly rare. Nonetheless, the Laval Rockets, affiliated with the Montreal Canadiens, and the Rochester Americans, the farm team of the Buffalo Sabres, offered fans a truly extraordinary spectacle!
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Bruins Rival Scores First Goalie Goal Of The Year

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