Player Takes Ovechkins Shot To Face And Left Bloody

Published October 18, 2023 at 9:55 PM
In the midst of Wednesday's matchup against the Washington Capitals, Artem Zub, a key player for the Ottawa Senators, was delivering a strong performance until a sudden incident unfolded during the third period.

As Zub positioned himself in a defensive stance against the Capitals' offensive charge, he found himself in the line of fire of the formidable Alex Ovechkin. In an unfortunate turn of events, Ovechkin's shot deflected off Zub's head, particularly impacting his left ear. The aftermath was a concerning scene, with Zub remaining on the ice for an extended period as blood emerged from his head and ear.

Zub's condition necessitated assistance to exit the rink, and in a display of true sportsmanship, Ovechkin offered his well wishes and a helping hand to Zub as he rose to his feet.

Considering the severity of the injury, it's improbable that the Russian defenseman will make a return to the game, despite his prior contributions, which notably included a goal. Our hopes and best wishes are with Zub for a swift and complete recovery.

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Player Takes Ovechkins Shot To Face And Left Bloody

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