Charlie Coyle Speaks Out In Recent Interview

Published October 19, 2023 at 12:12
Throughout an entire offseason, Charlie Coyle diligently prepared to be a top-two center for the Boston Bruins. However, this plan was altered after just two games.

In a surprising twist, 19-year-old Matt Poitras assumed the role of the No. 2 center during recent practices, causing Coyle to return to his customary spot on the third line. There, he found himself centering a line with James van Riemsdyk and Trent Frederic.

Van Riemsdyk and Frederic bring a different style of play compared to Coyle's previous linemates, Brad Marchand and Jake DeBrusk. They are characterized as reliable, hardworking players, ready for the grind in the tough areas of the game.

In a recent interview, Coyle expressed their shared attributes, "We're three big guys who can play with the puck down there and hang on to it. Be around the net front. We can all do that a little more. But it's not like we all have to have our places, right? We're all comfortable anywhere."

Coyle's positive and adaptable outlook stands out. While some players might resent a third-line demotion after a summer of top-two expectations, Coyle remains focused on the team's success.

He emphasizes the team's collective effort, saying,
"It's a team. It doesn't matter if you're slated on the first two lines. It's how many minutes you're playing. We all want to play more minutes, right? It doesn't matter if you're up here or here or wherever. You just want to play the best you can with whoever you're playing with, play more minutes and be the best you can."

Coyle's commitment is evident in his on-ice performance, where he has tallied an impressive 33 minutes and 8 seconds of even-strength and short-handed ice time, the highest among all forwards on the team.

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Charlie Coyle Speaks Out In Recent Interview

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