Dismal Defensive Ranking Leaves Bruins Fans Discontent

Published July 23, 2023 at 11:13 PM

In today's breakdown, we delve into the elite ranks of the NHL's top 10 defensemen, showcasing the remarkable talent and skill displayed on the blue line.

Let's take a closer look at the standout players who have left their mark on the league this season:

1: Cale Makar, Colorado Avalanche - Undoubtedly, Cale Makar reigns supreme as the premier defenseman in the league today. His prowess on the ice is nothing short of exceptional. With blazing speed, impeccable puck-handling, and a lethal shot, Makar is a force to be reckoned with. Notably, the former Stanley Cup Champion's youthful age of 24 bodes well for a future that's bound to be filled with even greater achievements. The numbers don't lie: 17 goals, 49 assists, and an impressive 66 points in just 60 games this season, along with 5 points in 6 playoff games.

2: Victor Hedman, Tampa Bay Lightning - Victor Hedman's reputation as a formidable defenseman has been well-earned over the years. Drafted second overall in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, Hedman's consistency and skill continue to shine at the age of 33. Though there was a slight dip in points, he remains a key pillar for the Lightning's defensive core. Recording 9 goals, 40 assists, and 49 points in 76 games, Hedman's impact on the ice is undeniable, cementing his place among the league's best.

3: Adam Fox, New York Rangers - At just 25 years old, Adam Fox has already proven himself to be a rising star on the blue line. Some might argue that he's only second to Makar in his prowess. Fox's contributions to the Rangers' power play are invaluable, and his offensive abilities are truly unmatched. With a remarkable 72 points (12 goals, 60 assists) in a full 82-game season, the Rangers can be more than thrilled with having him locked up for the long term.

4: Rasmus Dahlin, Buffalo Sabres - The 23-year-old defenseman, drafted first overall in 2018, had an exceptional breakout season. Dahlin's performance this year showed tremendous growth and potential, accumulating an impressive 73 points (15 goals, 58 assists) in 78 games. As he continues to mature, Dahlin is destined to become a major asset for the Sabres.

5: Miro Heiskanen, Dallas Stars - Another young prodigy dominates this list, and that's Miro Heiskanen, the 24-year-old defenseman selected third overall in 2017. Heiskanen's contributions were vital in propelling the Stars into the playoffs, solidifying his position as a cornerstone for their defensive lineup. A tally of 73 points (11 goals, 62 assists) in 79 games underscores his immense value to the team's success.

6: Charlie McAvoy, Boston Bruins - Serving as the anchor on the TD Garden blue line, 25-year-old Charlie McAvoy continues to impress with his steady play and contributions to the Bruins' success. Selected mid-1st round in 2014, McAvoy's breakout season last year was followed by another impressive campaign, recording 52 points (7 goals, 45 assists) in 67 games. His potential for further growth indicates a bright future ahead.

7: Roman Josi, Nashville Predators - While the captain's career might be winding down, Roman Josi's skill and experience still place him among the league's top 10 defensemen. Selected in the 2nd round in 2008, Josi's leadership on and off the ice continues to inspire the Predators. With 59 points (18 goals, 41 assists) in 67 games, his presence remains a formidable force.

8: Quinn Hughes, Vancouver Canucks - The 23-year-old Quinn Hughes, despite being somewhat underrated, has emerged as a standout defenseman in the league. With impressive speed and skills in both the offensive and defensive zones, Hughes is a rising star to watch closely. Notching 76 points (7 goals, 69 assists) in 78 games, he showcases the potential to surpass veteran players like Josi in the coming seasons.

9: Erik Karlsson, San Jose Sharks - Karlsson, the shining beacon amidst a challenging season for the Sharks, continues to be a dominant offensive force. However, at 33 years old, questions have been raised about his future with the team. Boasting an impressive 101 points (25 goals, 76 assists) in a full 82-game year, Karlsson's offensive prowess is unquestionable, though some may argue that his all-around defensive skills have waned.

10: Dougie Hamilton, New Jersey Devils - Closing out our list is the 30-year-old Dougie Hamilton, currently captaining the New Jersey Devils. Hamilton's steady play and leadership have been crucial to the team's success. In the third full season played, he recorded an impressive 74 points (22 goals, 52 assists) in 82 games.

In conclusion, the NHL is teeming with exceptional talent on the defensive front, with these top 10 defensemen standing out as some of the brightest stars in the league today. As the season unfolds, we can expect even more dazzling performances from these defensive dynamos, further solidifying their legacy in the sport.
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Dismal Defensive Ranking Leaves Bruins Fans Discontent

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