Former Bruins discusses the incident that led to the termination of his contract with the team

Published November 25, 2023 at 12:35
The highly anticipated announcement has finally come to fruition: Mitch Miller has formally signed a contract with Ak Bars in the KHL, marking a significant shift in his hockey career. In a recent interview conducted in Russia, Miller openly discussed the situation that led to his departure from two NHL teams.

Originally picked by Arizona in 2020, Miller faced swift dismissal after revelations about his troubled history surfaced. His involvement in a distressing incident during his teenage years, where he bullied a developmentally disabled African American classmate at 14, emerged, resulting in his departure from the team. Subsequently, Boston signed him two years later, only to sever ties due to public outcry.

Looking back on the regrettable event, Miller admitted the seriousness of his actions during a high school basketball game, expressing deep regret for the harm caused. During the interview, he argued that the media portrayed him unfairly as a villain during the trial, highlighting the challenges he faced in comprehending the legal process at such a young age.

Responding to media scrutiny, Miller stressed that he had apologized numerous times in court, both verbally and in writing. He lamented the misrepresentation and voiced his eagerness to redirect the course of events, acknowledging that, even at 22, the consequences of those events continue to weigh heavily on him.

Miller recalled a previous interview conducted while he was part of the Boston team, where he extensively detailed the incident and conveyed his ongoing remorse. However, this interview was never released before his exit from the entry-level contract. Prior to joining Ak Bars, Miller showcased his talents in the Slovak Extraliga, earning recognition as the league's top scorer.

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