Four Things the Bruins Must Correct Coming out Of Holiday Break

Michael Christian
December 25, 2023  (2:28 PM)

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Four Things the Bruins Must Correct Coming out Of Holiday Break
Facing their worst streak of games in three years, the Boston bruins are searching for answers. By no means is their season over, or even in jeopardy. However, if they don't start to figure things out quickly, especially the things below, their stranglehold on the division will start to disappear more than it already has. Here are the four most glaring things that the Bruins need to work on:

1. Giving up Leads: We wrote earlier this week on the Bruins lack of ability to hold onto third period leads, but lately it's not just the third period. In both recent games against the Minnesota Wild (both losses), the Bruins held lead more than halfway through the game and gave it up to lose the game. They need to be able to put teams away and play a full 60-minute game. Something they have not done in quite some time. The way they are sitting back after getting only a 1-2 goal lead, you would think they were winning by five. Giving up way too many shots and scoring chances. This is a league that saw the Flyers give up five first period goals against the Red Wings Friday night, and then ended up leading in the third period, only to lose in a shootout. The game really is never over until the final whistle blows, the Bruins need to start playing like it.
2. Too Many Penalties: While it was a strength to start the season, at one point having the most successful penalty kill percentage in the league, the PK is starting to turn into a weakness. First, they are taking too many penalties, 25 in the last five games, which is 5th most in the league over that span. They have allowed a powerplay goal in each of their last five games, and they have the 5th worst PK over that span. The Injury to Derek Forbort, who is one of their best penalty killers is contributing to this, but the loss of one person can't derail an entire unit!
3. Lack Of Offense from Players Not Named David Pastrnak: This one is big, even including Pastrnak, the offense just simple is not performing. Two players that come to mind are Jake Debrusk and Hampus Lindholm. Jake Debrusk is having one of his worst seasons since his rookie year, we have spoken about his inability to score lately, but there are also times he looks lost on the ice. Making bad plays (one that cost them the game in OT against the Wild) to missing open shots that last year would have ended up in goals. Lindholm, a defenseman who last year showed his offensive prowess by ending the season with 53 points and 4th in the Norris Trophy voting, has only produced seven points this season. According to Natural Stat Trick, he was scoring at a 1.71 points per 60 minutes and .32 goals per 60 minutes last year, and those numbers are all the way down to .55 and .08 this year. That is massive. These two players need to get it going in order for the Bruins to turn it around.
4. Help Goaltenders Please!: The goalies have been a rock for the Bruins this year. However lately they have been severely left hung out to dry by the team. Shots against are up, scoring chances are up, blocked shots are down. This can wear on a goalie, and even led to Jeremy Swayman to snap back on the team in frustration last week after the loss to the Jets. Your goalie can be facing 30-40 shots every night or be made to stand on their head 3 times every period. The Bruins have one of the best Goaltending Tandems in the league in Linus Ullmark and Jeremy Swayman, they need to ensure they are taken care of!
Let's hope the Bruins come back from the holiday break, refreshed and ready to work on some of these things!
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Four Things the Bruins Must Correct Coming out Of Holiday Break

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