Hathaway Applauds New Teammates for Easy Transition to Bruins

Dorin Canaday
April 7, 2023  (5:13 PM)

Since joining the Boston Bruins on February 23rd, Garnet Hathaway has been a seamless addition, crediting particular teammates for his smooth transition from the Capitals.

An Illustration of the 'Bruins Culture'

Hathaway recently conversed with Chris Lomon, an NHLPA writer, explaining that becoming teammates with former rivals was facilitated by Brad Marchand.
«In the meal room, Orly [Dmitry Orlov] and I sat down, and Marchy [Brad Marchand] came over and sat down.''

In the past, Marchand and Hathaway have had confrontations, including this notable hit from last January.
This may have resulted from Hathaway's grudge from over an incident that occurred a year earlier:
Nonetheless, the two were able to forgive and forget, quickly moving past their previous disagreements.
‘'Instantly, it was that mutual respect of having competed hard against each other over the years. We made a connection, a bond, in knowing we are now on the same team, and we can joke about those times. Obviously, he's really good at making light of situations, those difficult conversations that don't turn out to be that way at all.''

As mentioned earlier, Hathaway, a solid fourth-liner, has adapted flawlessly in Boston. In 21 games with the Bruins, the Maine native has collected 3 goals, 2 assists, 62 hits, and blocked 17 shots while averaging 10:50 of ice time per game.
Hathaway also expressed deep respect for Patrice Bergeron during the interview, highlighting how the captain has helped him "feel at home" from day one.
''I can't say enough nice things about Patrice [Bergeron]. I really can't. From the moment I got traded, having a missed phone call from him telling me to reach out any time I want, even though they had a game in Seattle that day, since that moment, I felt part of the team, but he really is a leader who brings guys together and shows respect to everyone. He is a true professional and will also look you in the eye and tell you what he thinks. He sees the value in everyone, knowing that each player is important in chasing our collective goal. I really believe it's helped the team and organization be successful.''

What are your initial impressions of Garnet Hathaway?
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Hathaway Applauds New Teammates for Easy Transition to Bruins

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