How Jeremy Swayman Became A Boston Bruin

Published August 18, 2023 at 11:04 PM

Jeremy Swayman's surprise journey with the Boston Bruins started unexpectedly during the fourth round of the 2017 NHL Entry Draft.

This unexpected pick was a big moment for the young goalie. Instead of being at the event in Chicago, Swayman decided to watch the draft from his Alaska home using his laptop.

Looking back on that day, the 24-year-old talked about it on the "Empty Netters" podcast with Chris and Dan Powers, saying,
"I was with my dad at the breakfast table in Alaska, four hours behind. I knew I wouldn't be picked in the first round since it was my first year in the draft. There was hope, but I was a C-rated prospect, so I didn't really need to go."

Swayman talked about how, during his time in the Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League, he met many scouts from colleges and NHL teams who talked about his potential future in the sport. The Toronto Maple Leafs were one of the teams interested.

As the draft went on, Swayman's agent got in touch while he was watching the second and third rounds, suggesting he might be picked by the Leafs later on.

"In the fourth round, Toronto picked a goalie," Swayman remembered. "I was a bit disappointed but still hopeful since I'd talked to other teams."

Interestingly, because the WiFi at Swayman's place was bad, he found out about being picked through a friend who was at the event.

"I'm looking at the screen, waiting for the Bruins' pick, but nothing's happening," Swayman said. "Then my agent calls and says, 'Sway, you're a Bruin! Let's go.' And I'm like, 'No way, I can't see anything.' Then my phone starts buzzing... I kept refreshing my laptop until I saw it."

The Alaskan setting let Swayman celebrate the moment with his family. Since the draft was in the morning, the celebrations continued all day.

"We had a pretty good celebration. It was totally unexpected, which is the best part," Swayman said. "You're devastated for a second and then everything changes in the next second. It was cool to share that with them, and I'm glad it happened like this, getting picked by the Bruins."

But things didn't go as well for the Leafs. They chose goalie Ian Scott as the 110th pick, but Scott didn't make it to the NHL.

On the other hand, Boston's choice of Swayman came just after the Leafs picked Scott.

As Swayman gets ready for his third season with the Bruins, people are excited to see if he can build on the success he had last season with partner Linus Ullmark, winning the William M. Jennings Trophy.

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How Jeremy Swayman Became A Boston Bruin

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