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Incredible Sight at Bruins Practice

Published December 28, 2023 at 5:14 PM
One thing that you can say about Hockey fans, no matter where you're from is that they are passionate. Whether Boston or rival Montreal, Pittsburgh or their biggest rival in Philadelphia, all fans are passionate about their team and are not afraid to speak up when they struggle, just as soon as they will cheer when doing well. They are the first to criticize, and first to defend.

On Thursday, the fans did it again, showing up in droves to watch the Bruins Practice at Warrior Ice Arena. This was a PRACTICE! There was a full house of enthusiastic fans just there to see their favorite team put work in to get better for games. The fans absolutely give the players a boost. There is a reason it's called Home Ice Advantage, the fans are 100 percent a part of giving a team energy.

Energy is exactly what the fans gave to the practice today. Coach Jim Montgomery had this to say after practice:

"I thought that was our best practice in a long time. I thought the energy of our fans being here, I think the guys want to put on a show... we practiced with really good pace and intensity."

This coming on the heels of the team's most complete game played in a while the night before against the Sabres, the players know the fans have not abandoned them because of one rough stretch. They know this is still a powerhouse team sitting atop the standings.

This was certainly a welcome home to the team after their tough road trip! Let's hope the fans can keep the energy up Saturday when the Devils come to town.

Source: BruinsInsider
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Incredible Sight at Bruins Practice

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