Insider discloses that Corey Perry's contract termination stemmed from an "alcohol-fueled incident."

Published November 30, 2023 at 2:22 PM
NHL Insiders have been withholding information regarding the incident that led to Corey Perry losing his NHL position for several days.

Though specifics were initially limited, today marked the release of additional information. Frank Seravalli, known for his management of The Daily Faceoff, has always been unafraid of controversy, and today was no exception as he disclosed the following details:

"Sources reveal that an incident involving Perry, fueled by alcohol, allegedly took place in Nashville on Nov. 17. This incident occurred the night before the Blackhawks' game against the Predators, during a corporate event organized by the Blackhawks, with sponsors and team personnel in attendance."

Source: Bladeofsteel
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