Insights From Jeremy Swayman: Reflections on His NHL Arbitration Hearing

Published August 8, 2023 at 3:41 PM

In a recent candid revelation, Boston Bruins' sensational goaltender Jeremy Swayman pulled back the curtain on his arbitration journey, sharing a glimpse of his perspective with remarkable insight and unwavering composure.

Reflecting on the process, Swayman's words echoed a sense of acceptance and a broader view of the bigger picture:

"The process is part and parcel of the game, no hard feelings there. Many have tread this path before, many will after. But personally, once is enough; I wouldn't want to revisit this,"
Swayman emphasized.

With the arbitration episode now relegated to the past, a palpable sense of relief emanates from Swayman's demeanor. Amidst this renewed tranquility, he took a moment to reassert his steadfast allegiance to the iconic black and gold jersey:

"Completing this chapter brings me immense satisfaction. Regardless of the intricacies, remember, I bleed Boston Bruin for life,"
he affirmed.


It's these unfiltered glimpses into the human side of the sports world that remind us of the dedication and the emotional toll that often come hand in hand with the game.
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Insights From Jeremy Swayman: Reflections on His NHL Arbitration Hearing

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