Is This New Rule Necessary for the NHL?

Published September 4, 2023 at 3:24 PM
In recent seasons, the quality of on-ice officiating, particularly in the National Hockey League (NHL), has faced criticism. Fans are voicing their frustrations and proposing a solution: conducting post-game interviews with officials to explain their decisions and ensure accountability.

Although the NHL has yet to embrace this idea, some European leagues, like the SHL, have taken the step of interviewing referees after games to clarify contentious calls.

NHL Breakers shared on Instagram that these post-game interviews are proving successful in fostering better relationships among players, coaches, and officials in European leagues. This tactic could hold benefits for the NHL as well.

The NHL has seen numerous instances where coaches, players, and fans were left puzzled by on-ice rulings. This approach could offer referees more transparency, overturning their once-unquestionable status.

The big question is whether NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman would back such a change. Even so, introducing post-game referee interviews might not only tackle fan discontent but also potentially rekindle interest in NHL games, a trend that has dipped in recent years.

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Is This New Rule Necessary for the NHL?

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