Longtime Bruins Teammates Boast a Rare Off-Ice Connection

Dorin Canaday
April 17, 2023  (0:59)

Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand have enjoyed a remarkable run of over ten years together in Boston, a level of friendship that has become increasingly rare in the NHL.

Amalie Benjamin from NHL.com recently published an insightful piece based on an interview with Bergeron and Marchand.

An Uncommon Connection

The pair discussed how their on-ice chemistry quickly evolved into a deep friendship off the ice.
Over the past decade, these Bruins' veterans have become virtually inseparable, even mentioning that they spend every waking moment together during team road trips. According to Benjamin:
When the team is on the road, Bergeron and Marchand feel like they're constantly together. At home, it's more difficult with a total of six kids going in six directions -- each has three, with Bergeron expecting a fourth in June. There have been play dates, and they'd wish for more, if only they were easier to schedule. Their daughters, born a month apart, get along particularly well.

But when the team is away from Boston, it's fairly constant.

''All the time,'' Marchand said.

''Even if it's an off day, we'll just hang out, go for walks and whatnot,'' Bergeron said. ''No, we hang out a lot together.''

The close friends and linemates have once again guided their team to the playoffs in the 2022-23 season. Over 1,017 career games, they've collectively scored 750 goals, provided 1,001 assists, and boast a remarkable +627 plus-minus rating. The duo also played a pivotal role in the Bruins' 2011 Stanley Cup victory.
Despite their individual and team achievements, Benjamin inquired if the occasionally "irritating" Marchand ever got under Bergeron's skin like he does with his opponents:
''I can't say that he's ever frustrated me. I feel like we complement each other. Like by the way that we are. He brings a lot of energy every day at the rink and on the bench. But also, he also has a side where he does have a temper.''

‘'I'm a little bit more even keel,'' Bergeron said. ''But he helps me with that.''

Benjamin also mentioned that both Taylor Hall and ex-teammate Erik Haula quickly observed the unique bond between Bergeron and Marchand upon joining the Boston team.
To read Amalie's entire article, click on the Tweet below. Believe me, it's a fantastic piece that delves into the remarkable relationship between these Bruins' legends.
As read on Bruins Insider - Bruins‘ Duo Share a Special Off-Ice Bond You Don't See Anymore.
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Longtime Bruins Teammates Boast a Rare Off-Ice Connection

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