May 23rd 1979 The Bruins Decide To Fore Their Head Coach

Published May 25, 2023 at 9:54

Donald Stewart Cherry, an icon in the realm of ice hockey, has made an enduring impact on the sport. Born on February 5, 1934, Cherry's involvement in hockey extended from his days as an NHL player to his esteemed roles as a coach and television commentator.

Although his time on the ice was brief, having played just one game for the Boston Bruins, he achieved remarkable success as a coach in the National Hockey League. For a span of five seasons (1974-1979), Cherry led the Bruins to four division titles and guided them to two appearances in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Nevertheless, it was his contributions as a commentator that truly cemented his legacy in the world of hockey. Collaborating with Ron MacLean, Cherry co-hosted the immensely popular segment known as Coach's Corner during CBC's Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts from 1986 to 2019.

Throughout his tenure, Cherry became renowned for his outspoken nature, distinct viewpoints, and flamboyant attire, earning him the affectionate nickname "Grapes." His engaging presence and profound understanding of the game captivated audiences for an impressive 33 seasons.
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May 23rd 1979 The Bruins Decide To Fore Their Head Coach

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