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NHL Team Fans Are Not Happy With Their Teams Recent Social Media Comments

Published May 28, 2023 at 10:47

The San Jose Sharks have found themselves at the center of a heated debate among their dedicated fanbase due to recent comments made on a social media post concerning the IIHF World Hockey Championship.

Just moments before the highly anticipated semi-final clash between the United States and Germany, the Sharks couldn't resist joining the conversation on Twitter initiated by the German team. Injecting a touch of humor, the Sharks left a comment in German, which, when translated to English, read:

"We are ready! Good Luck Boys! Defeat the USA!"

This comment sparked a range of emotions among fans, resulting in mixed reactions. It's important to note that this game held particular significance for the Sharks, as two of their own players were facing off on opposite sides. Henry Thrun, a promising prospect, proudly donned the stars and stripes for the United States, while Nico Sturm, an established player, displayed unwavering determination as he represented Germany.

Understandably, some fans expressed discontent over the Sharks seemingly cheering against their home country. However, it's crucial to recognize that the organization had every right to show support for both players, even if the translated comment inadvertently created the impression of opposition to the United States.

As fate would have it, Germany managed to deliver a stunning blow to the United States, emerging victorious in a thrilling overtime battle and securing their place in the prestigious Gold Medal Game. This historic achievement marks Germany's first-ever medal since the 1953 World Championship, representing a significant milestone in their hockey journey.

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NHL Team Fans Are Not Happy With Their Teams Recent Social Media Comments

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