PWHL Boston GM Draws Inspiration from Bruins' Jim Montgomery

Published September 7, 2023 at 3:41
The PWHL announced on Friday that Danielle Marmer would be taking the helm as the general manager of Boston, and she wasted no time in expressing her admiration for the Boston Bruins. Marmer, who previously served as the Boston Bruins' player development and scouting assistant, emphasized her commitment to player development both on and off the ice.

Teams have until September 10 to sign three players in the PWHL, with the bulk of roster spots to be decided during the September 18, 2023, PWHL Draft. Boston holds the third selection in the first round, and Marmer shared her draft strategy, drawing inspiration from Bruins' Jim Montgomery:

"I'm a product of the mentors that I've worked for — the organizations I've been a part of," Marmer stated. "Jim Montgomery of the Boston Bruins put it really well when he says that ‘in order to play at the highest level you have to have hockey sense and you have to have courage.' And he says the simple way of remembering that is: head and heart. That's something I want to take with me when I think about building this team. We're dealing with the highest level of talent in women's hockey. This talent pool is unbelievable, so we're going to have skilled players on all six teams. So something that I'm prioritizing is that head and heart."

In her introduction video, Marmer expressed her goal of assembling a championship-worthy team, mirroring the success of other Boston sports teams. The PWHL plans to commence its 24-game regular season in January, and the Bruins have been vocal in their support of Marmer and the league's endeavors.

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PWHL Boston GM Draws Inspiration from Bruins' Jim Montgomery

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