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Patrice Bergeron Talks About His Heartfelt Hug with Brad Marchand

Published May 4, 2023 at 12:26

Whether or not Patrice Bergeron has played his last game for Boston, the heartfelt hug he shared with long-time teammate Brad Marchand is a moment worth noting.

During the Bruins' "breakup day" at Warrior Ice Arena earlier this week, Bergeron faced a throng of reporters in front of his locker and discussed the emotional moment he shared with his friend.

A Tender Moment

Ian McLaren from Locked On Bruins captured the captain's touching words:

''Yeah, you know, it was a lot of emotions in that moment, and obviously, I've always said, we feel pretty lucky to have had that bond and playing together for so long, so it's obviously extra special, so obviously it got to me when it got to him, and it's one of those years that we know, we failed to accomplish what we wanted, so, trust me, it hurts just as much as we know the fanbase is hurt as well and hurting, it stings, we feel the same way."

Similar to last year, the Bruins' season ended in game-seven disappointment. Once again, Bergeron will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st.

As read on Bruins Insider - Bergeron Discusses His Embrace With Brad Marchand.
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Patrice Bergeron Talks About His Heartfelt Hug with Brad Marchand

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