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REPORT - Bruins Rental Wont Be Back Come The Start Of The Season

Published May 23, 2023 at 1:19 PM

With free agency approaching, let's focus on the top NHL defensemen available. One Boston Bruins player is on the list, disappointing fans who hoped he'd re-sign after the team's investment.

Dmitry Orlov

Orlov is a standout defenseman with an impressive career except for one season. At 31, he's consistent and desirable, possibly returning to the Washington Capitals or joining the Bruins or other interested teams.

Next up is...

Vladislav Gavrikov

Gavrikov created a buzz and is negotiating a contract extension with the Los Angeles Kings. In just 20 games, he made a significant impact, attracting other teams if a deal falls through.

Lastly, we have...

Damon Severson

After nine seasons with the New Jersey Devils, Severson's future is uncertain. Young prospects and a decline in performance may lead to his departure. Will he stay or explore new opportunities?

As free agency approaches, the fate of these three defensemen remains uncertain. NHL teams will assess their value and impact. Stay tuned for offseason drama and their ultimate destinations.
May 23   |   298 answers
REPORT - Bruins Rental Wont Be Back Come The Start Of The Season

Who would you rather keep in Boston?

Orlov258.4 %
Hathaway113.7 %
Bertuzzi22876.5 %
Hall3411.4 %
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