This Interaction Between Bertuzzi And Marchand Shows Exactly Why The Bruins Must Prioritize Re-Signing Him.

Austin Sabourin
June 5, 2023  (4:38)

The Boston Bruins made a surprising move just before the trade deadline, acquiring Tyler Bertuzzi from the Detroit Red Wings. Known for his agitating style of play, Bertuzzi has been making a name for himself in Detroit. While he may not accumulate points at the same rate as Brad Marchand, there are undeniable similarities between these two players.

Their past encounters have often resulted in scrums, and one particular incident stands out. In December 2018, Marchand and Bertuzzi found themselves at the epicenter of a line brawl, sparking tensions between their respective teams. Since that heated altercation, a simmering rivalry has persisted between them, fueled by their roles as agitators on the ice.
Marchand has garnered a notorious reputation as one of the NHL's most polarizing figures, accumulating a record number of individual suspensions that remains unmatched in league history. Similarly, Bertuzzi embraces a similar role, and when two players of their nature face off, it's almost inevitable that fireworks will ensue.
This intriguing dynamic made the trade all the more captivating and unexpected. How would Marchand, renowned for getting under his opponents' skin, react to having Bertuzzi, with whom he had previously clashed, as a teammate?
Fortunately, we were treated to a glimpse of Marchand's initial response to Bertuzzi's arrival through the "Behind the B's" documentary, providing an exclusive look at the Boston Bruins. The scene unfolded during a gym session where Marchand found himself engaged in conversation with Garnet Hathaway, another recent addition to the Bruins' roster.
Marchand couldn't help but playfully comment,
«You're looking like you want trouble! We've got a bunch of trouble on the team now." The lighthearted banter continued as Hathaway asked if Marchand had ever felt more comfortable. Sporting a mischievous grin, Marchand cleverly responded, "I don't have anyone I dislike now. I love everyone in the league. All the guys I used to hate are now on our team."

This exchange provided an amusing and insightful glimpse into Marchand's mindset, showcasing his willingness to embrace former adversaries as teammates. It adds an intriguing layer of dynamics within the Bruins' lineup, enhancing the team's character and intensity.
The Boston Bruins have undeniably injected a healthy dose of mischief, intensity, and personality into their roster with this surprising trade.
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This Interaction Between Bertuzzi And Marchand Shows Exactly Why The Bruins Must Prioritize Re-Signing Him.

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