Turning Down a Lucrative Contract Offer to Return to Boston

Published July 11, 2023 at 1:27 PM

Blackhawks Struggle to Meet Cap Floor Again, Lucic Chooses Bruins over Blackhawks

Milan Lucic, known for his enforcer role, received numerous calls and engaged in discussions with multiple teams, including the Blackhawks. However, he ultimately decided to sign with the Boston Bruins instead.

At 35 years old with a 17-year career, Lucic's physicality and ability to deliver powerful hits made him an attractive option. While not a significant offensive contributor, his main purpose would have been to protect Connor Bedard.

Today, Milan Lucic revealed that he had received calls from 10 to 15 teams and engaged in extensive discussions with the Blackhawks. Ultimately, he chose to sign with the Boston Bruins.

Although Lucic didn't fit the rebuilding mold due to his age and modest stats, he became a fallback option ("Plan B") for the Blackhawks after Corey Perry, their preferred choice ("Plan A"), didn't materialize.

In the end, it was Perry who joined the team to fulfill the role of safeguarding Connor Bedard.
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Turning Down a Lucrative Contract Offer to Return to Boston

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