Tyler Bertuzzi may be making a big mistake in Toronto

Published September 1, 2023 at 0:13
During the offseason, the Toronto Maple Leafs have been actively reshaping their lineup, executing notable changes such as bringing Brad Treliving on board and securing an extension for Auston Matthews. Alongside these strategic maneuvers, the team has also strategically acquired free agents who are anticipated to play crucial roles in the upcoming season. One of these new additions is already demonstrating an interest in committing for the long term.

Tyler Bertuzzi, among the prominent signings, emerges as a significant asset to the Leafs' roster. His presence is expected to infuse a blend of tenacity and resilience, complementing his evident skillset. Recent insights from an NHL insider affirm the shared inclination of the Leafs and Bertuzzi to cultivate a lasting association.

In Elliotte Friedman's comments on SN590, he conveys,

"I am of the belief that Toronto wanted to sign Tyler Bertuzzi longer and I think Bertuzzi wanted to sign longer but they didn't have the ability to do it now. What does that mean after Jan 1st?"

It's crucial to acknowledge that due to Bertuzzi's recent contract commitment to the Toronto Maple Leafs, he is restricted from initiating extension negotiations until after January 1st. This clarifies Friedman's allusion to January 1st as a potential milestone date.

Tyler Bertuzzi's ambition to establish himself as a long-term member of the Leafs aligns with a broader pattern. Earlier in the summer, reports surfaced indicating that Max Domi also conveyed his intent to remain with the team for the foreseeable future.

Should both Bertuzzi and Domi make substantial impacts in the upcoming season, it becomes reasonable to anticipate discussions regarding potential extensions. Keep a close watch on these players, as they could very well be securing their positions within the Leafs' long-term strategic vision.
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Tyler Bertuzzi may be making a big mistake in Toronto

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