Zboril Had a Horrible Experience at the Zacha's During Their Childhood Days

Dorin Canaday
April 16, 2023  (5:05)

Czechia natives Pavel Zacha and Jakub Zboril have a long-standing history that dates back to their early childhood, long before they became teammates on the Boston Bruins.

However, there's one particular sleepover from their youth that didn't quite go as expected.
In a recent article from The Athletic titled 'The Bruins' Pavel Zacha, an NHL dream and a parenting experiment to optimize hockey potential,' author Fluto Shinzawa delves into the intense training program implemented by Pavel Zacha's father.
This caught a young Jakub Zboril off guard when he and his older brother Adam were invited to spend a weekend at the Zacha residence.

A Childhood Sleepover to Remember

Shinzawa recounts the memorable experience:
''Breakfast started with vitamins. After they ate, the boys had to go running at a nearby soccer field. Then the three hockey players were tasked with stickhandling in Zacha's garage.''

''After lunch, they thought they'd have an hour of Xbox. Thirty minutes later, they were firmly told to drop their controllers and resume training.''

'' 'After one day, we called our dad crying,' Zboril recalls with a smile. 'Hey, come pick us up! We want to go home!' ''

Zacha and Zboril, both originally from Czechia, first faced off on the ice when they were just four years old. By the time they were six, they had become best friends and teammates.
Their paths split when Zacha received an offer to play away from home, however, the two reunited at the 2015 NHL Entry Draft; Zacha was picked 6th overall by the New Jersey Devils, while Zboril was selected 13th by the Bruins.
In the article, Zacha reflects on his enduring friendship with Zboril, as quoted by Shinzawa:
''It's just funny,'' Zacha says. ''With some people in your life, you go through so much. Even when we didn't see each other, when we just texted and saw each other on the national team, there was always something to talk about and stay connected with. There's just always something to talk about. I would only see him once a season in the NHL or twice. But when we talk, it's like we were hanging out two days ago.''

As read on Bruins Insider - A Childhood Sleepover at the Zacha House Was a Nightmare for Zboril.
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Zboril Had a Horrible Experience at the Zacha's During Their Childhood Days

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