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Bertuzzi speaks on his slash on Bruins captain Brad Marchand

Published April 23, 2024 at 7:18 PM

Tyler Bertuzzi and Brad Marchand never liked each other very much before becoming teammates last season as they had a bit of a rivalry going on.

When Bertuzzi joined Boston last season he mentioned how he actually liked Marchand and that he is a good guy now that he knows him.

During last night's game, the two players got into and Bertuzzi gave Marchand a slash behind the legs which resulted in a penalty. The two players spoke at center ice after the game which reporters asked Bertuzzi what was said.

Bertuzzi on his 'conversation' with Marchand at the buzzer:

"That's between me & Brad," he says with a smile

Previously Tyler said he learned Marchand is actually a good guy last season

Will this series test that?

"No, I'll stick with my word ..."

Clearly things got heated on the ice during game 1 but it seems to be all love between the two former teammates.

Source; Hockey Patrol: Tyler Bertuzzi sounds off on his heated exchange with Brad Marchand
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Bertuzzi speaks on his slash on Bruins captain Brad Marchand

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