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Patrick Maroon during interview
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"Big Rig" issues a huge warning to Matthew Tkachuk

Published May 10, 2024 at 2:52 PM

As we approach Game 3 tonight, Patrick Maroon, a huge enforcer for the Boston Bruins, voiced his thoughts about the recent altercation on the rink between his fellow player David Pastranak and Matthew Tkachuck of the Florida Panthers. The Big Rig reflected on the brawl that had everyone talking, expressing his anger with Tkachuk's behavior, especially the cheap blows Pastrnak took while down.

"Honestly, I don't see Tkachuk challenging me to a fight... I just have to keep track of things... It obviously upset me how he struck [Pastrnak] twice when he was down... Let's be practical, I likely won't ever face off against Tkachuk," Maroon voiced.

His remarks highlights his displeasure with Tkachuk's actions during the brawl and also convey a strong message of his defensive attitude towards his fellow players.

Regarding Game 2, Maroon noted:

"We should definitely be angry. Particularly about our own performance - that's what matters most."

As the Bruins gear up for Game 3 on their home turf, Maroon's statements add another dimension of strain to the contest, indicating that the Bruins are far from over the recent events. Matthew Tkachuk could be skating around game 3 with a huge target on his back.

source: bruinsinsider.com
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"Big Rig" issues a huge warning to Matthew Tkachuk

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