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Boston Now Knows What it will Take to Acquire Noah Hanifin

Published February 21, 2024 at 9:36

The Boston Bruins have been linked to multiple free agents, both on offense and defense, With the injury recently to Hampus Lindholm however, Defense becomes the priority. This links them back to the one player they have been linked to all year, Boston Native Noah Hanifin of the Calgary Flames.

Hanifin is the best available defenseman at the trade deadline this year and the Bruins desperately need defense, even before the injury to Lindholm, that injury may force the Bruins hand and give up more than they were willing to at thew time.

Recent reports indicate that the Bruins will have to give up at least two young high-level prospects, possibly mixed with 2025 first round pick for Hanifin. Calgary has all the leverage with this deal, and they know it. It will take most like two of Matthew Poitras, Georgii Merkulov or Matt Grzelcyk, plus the first rounder. This deal will also hinge on the Bruins ability to sign Hanifin to a long-term deal, something they would want to do before giving away all of those assets.

With Hanifin making a ton of sense for the Bruins, there will be a hefty price to pay for his services. Will the Bruins step up? The Trade Deadline is March 8th. Let's go!

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Boston Now Knows What it will Take to Acquire Noah Hanifin

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