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Bruins have a few players auditioning for spots for game 1

Published March 24, 2024 at 11:57

As we approach the playoffs, the Bruins currently have a few players on their roster that are uncertain for game 1 of the playoffs.

The biggest question mark comes from in nets, no one is certain if Swayman or Ullmark will get the net for game 1. Swayman has had a better season overall but has been in a slump as of late while Ullmark's play keeps improving.

The next player that will have to fight for a spot in newly acquired Pat Maroon, who will have to prove he deserves a place in the lineup as the 4th line is playing incredibly well lately. He will have to prove that he can bring something to the table that the others such as Brazeau do not offer.

Two other forwards that are competing for spots are center Lauko and Beecher. Both bring differences to the Bruins 4th lines, Beecher strongest attribute is his faceoff skill which can be a huge plus in the playoffs while Lauko has incredible speed that helps switch things up with the slower plays on the 4th.

On defense, the battle is between Lohrei, Shattenkirk and Wotherspoon. Out of the three it seems like Wotherspoon is the biggest lock while the other two battle it out. Lohrei is a young defenseman with plenty of potential defensively and offensively while Shattenkirk mostly brings experience to the table as he has played in 85 playoff games.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the Bruins lineup for game 1 but the good thing is that they have a lot of solid options willing to fill those spots.

Source: Which Bruins will spend last month auditioning for playoff role | Vautour
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Bruins have a few players auditioning for spots for game 1

Who will start game 1?

Swayman11252.1 %
Ullmark10347.9 %
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