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Bruins have been on fire lately and hope to end the season on a high

Published April 6, 2024 at 4:13 PM

The Bruins have been on fire lately, they have won 4 of their last 5 against some serious competition giving fans a good idea of what the playoffs could look like.

Nashville was 16-3-2 in its last 21
Carolina was 22-6-2 in its last 30
Florida was 19-6-1 in its last 26
Washington was 13-6-1 in its last 20

«You have to be able to win on the road,» captain Brad Marchand said postgame after the Bs beat the Hurricanes. «All these teams we're playing right now are tough, and they're playoff ready and playoff bound. It's a great challenge every night. It's the way you want to play. You want to play these tough games down the stretch, and getting prepared. It's not going to get any easier.»- Marchand

The only team that have beaten them in the last 5 games is the Lightning that won 3-1. Every team they have faced is currently in the playoffs and is playing at the top of their game as well which give the impression that the Bruins are picking up momentum at the perfect time.

Over the course of this last run, the team has had 14 different players on the score sheet proving that these wins have been a team effort.

Hopefully this momentum continues over the last 5 games of the season and the Bruins are able to enter the playoffs ready to make a run for the cup.

Source: The hockey writers: Jim Montgomery's Tirade Having Positive Impact on the Bruins
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Bruins have been on fire lately and hope to end the season on a high

Will the Bruins win all of their last 5 games and enter the playoffs on a 9-1 streak?

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