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Coyle speaks on last year's post-season

Published April 6, 2024 at 10:54

The Bruins finished at the top of the entire league with a historic season but were bounced from the playoffs in four games.

Center Charlie Coyle was interviewed and spoke on last year's tough post-season exit.

Coyle admitted that a player never really forgets a big loss like that, especially with such a special group but added that trying to make up for a loss is what has players coming back year after year.

«I'll let you know when it happens,» Coyle said on the podcast. «It still stings. When you don't win, and especially when you have a good team, or you make it to the finals, and it's right there it hurts even more than getting knocked out in four games in the first round.» - Coyle

«You realize when you get older and you play more you don't play on these good teams every year,» Coyle explained. «You want to take advantage of it. When you don't come through and win, it hurts. () You can never get it back but that's why you keep playing. You come back the next year hopefully, this is the year.»- Coyle

Hopefully the Bruins learned a little bit from last year and will be going into Game 1 of the playoffs with a different attitude, leading them to different results.

Source: NESN: Bruins' Charlie Coyle Admits This About Postseason Losses
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Coyle speaks on last year's post-season

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