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Jason Demers said Milan Lucic blocked him from being an Oiler

Published April 5, 2024 at 6:02 PM

Former NHL defenseman Jason Demers was recently on Oilers Nation Podcast and spoke on how Milan Lucic blocked him from becoming an Oiler in 2016.

Remember when the Oilers almost signed Jason Demers in 2016?! Well, the Lucic deal kinda got in the way of that 😂

Demers always had dreamed of becoming an Oiler one day and that dream was close to becoming true in 2016. Demers was a free agent and was invited for supper at Oilers owner Daniel Katz's house with Peter Chiarelli, Demers' father and Lucic who was a big free agent that summer.

Lucic was supposedly in the middle of negotiating how much he wanted to make per season in front of everyone which ended up around $5-6 million which meant they wouldn't be able to sign Demers.

"I'm looking across the table and Lucic keeps getting up and leaving the table and coming back. Chiarelli is getting up and leaving the table and they (Lucic and Chiarelli) are talking in the corner."

"I could hear Lucic at the table going 'the number just keeps going up and up and up'. I think it was after the third of fourth course that the money was at five or six million."

The Oilers would go on to sign Lucic that summer and leave Demers behind, even though the former Sharks D man would sign a two way with the Oilers in 2022 appearing in 1 game.

Source: Hockey OTB: Jason Demers says Milan Lucic was behind blocking him from Oilers
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Jason Demers said Milan Lucic blocked him from being an Oiler

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