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Matt Grzelcyk of the Boston Bruins appears to be potentially departing

Published April 15, 2024 at 9:52

The Anaheim Ducks are seeking to strengthen their rebuilding process for the upcoming year, eyeing three players who could be targeted in the offseason, with Matt Grzelcyk from the Boston Bruins included.

Firstly, let's consider Jakub Vrana. Despite the Ducks potentially operating on a restricted budget, overlooking talented players wouldn't be wise. Although Vrana has faced challenges recently, his past performances demonstrate his potential. Perhaps the Ducks could secure him on a short-term contract.

Next, we have Matt Grzelcyk. Strengthening their defense is imperative for the Ducks, and Grzelcyk could contribute significantly in this regard. With his seasoned expertise, he could also serve as a mentor to the team's younger players.

Lastly, there's Alexandre Carrier. Adding a right-handed defenseman like him could greatly benefit the Ducks. Given his youth, Carrier could offer valuable contributions over an extended period.

Ducks free agent targets

In summary, acquiring these players has the potential to enhance the Ducks' performance in the upcoming season.

Source Bruins Insider: Most disliked Bruin Matt Grzelcyk might be on his way out
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Matt Grzelcyk of the Boston Bruins appears to be potentially departing

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