Kelly Sutherland is under fire from fans with some strong allegations.
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NHL Ref is under fire as he is being accused of rigging games

Published May 13, 2024 at 5:00 PM

Veteran NHL referee Kelly Sutherland is facing major scrutiny over accusations of game mismanagement and fixing. Most comments coming from from fans of the Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Everyone has heard stories about Sutherland's opinion about the Canucks because he doesn't hide it during the off-season.

When Tony G talks about the NHL trying to "manage" series this is what he means.

Drai is hurt. McDavid is invisible so Sutherland gets sent in.

Fans have highlighted Sutherland's officiating in this years playoffs, where a more lenient penalty-calling standard can result in confusion and controversial decisions.

Maple Leafs fanatics, in particular, were outraged by missed calls in a pivotal Game 7 against the Bruins.

Canucks supporters have expressed similar worries about Sutherland's apparent bias against Vancouver, especially in a recent game against the Oilers. They cite the Canucks' poor record of 2-7-2 in their last nine games officiated by Sutherland as evidence of unfair treatment.

Canucks 0-7-1 in the last 8 games officiated by Sutherland.

This includes the Vegas game last month where he called the high stick on Zadorov that didn't connect with Pietrangelo at all, an objectively missed call.

While the NHL has not commented on these allegations or have started an official investigation into the matter, the constant allegations and outrage exhibited by fans cannot go unnoticed to the higher-ups.

Source: Bruins Insider - Ref who officiated Bruins-Panthers is facing some serious allegations
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NHL Ref is under fire as he is being accused of rigging games

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